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Today, new digital businesses, platforms and operating models are disrupting traditional organisations and markets. To compete and survive, enterprises need to be agile and have the capability, maturity and pace to transform their strategy, structure, information technology, processes and culture, utilising the power of new digital technologies.

Digital business transformation involves people, process, technology and data. The bulk of this challenge is about the people, and about leading people and the culture change. This leadership is not about formal authority, leaders foster achievement and positive change, drive results and outcomes by engaging the energy, hearts and minds of others.

Strong leadership from board level, the chief executive and down the organisational structure is vital if a company is to truly embrace business and digital transformation. The responsibility for nurturing a digital culture, transformational change and business growth start with strong leadership.

In why lean leadership and business transformation go together Michael Ballé explains that we need to understand the image we may have of Leaders and Followers rather than Leaders and Leadership, a people centric inclusive leadership.

Leaders must challenge today’s norms, create market differentiation, be bold and explore new business and operating models, open up new start-ups, think-tanks, customers and suppliers.

Sometimes a leader needs to step in and say, “Your math may be correct, but you’re using the wrong equation.” – Mark Grilli (Adobe)

Mark Grilli highlights how strong leaders avoid the biggest digital transformation mistakes in his article in CMSWiRE.

Strong leadership skills and presence are a key enabler to any transformation.


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